Just a Green Screen (Ad supported and Paid)

This one is for Film and Video makers. It is a really simple tool that is very handy to have during filming and using devices. If you want to ensure the device has the best quality video and viewing angle during shooting then this app allows for Alpha selection in post production.

App write-up:

Simple Green Screen app for alpha-replacement in post production of video making


You will find this app pointless if you don’t work with Video.

This app is designed to assist Film and Video Makers with replacing On Device images and videos in films. It is simple and small. Suggestions for further improvements are desired.

Screen Size is given to assist with layout dimensions and screen ratio
Screen can be displayed with or without reference dots to assist with perspective.
Screen will not turn off while this app is running
Links to adjust brightness and airplane mode from the app

I suggest that you turn off flight mode and turn up brightness on the screen before using the app to avoid interruptions.

Press menu within green screen to turn dots on or off.


Paid Version:
Get it on Google Play

Free Version:
Get it on Google Play

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